What makes Good Ideas?

One way to better understand what makes a great Kosovo Innovation Camp idea is to look at what has already been done. Below, you can find the criteria we use in selecting ideas:
So, what makes a great idea?

1.Is this idea suitable for Kosovo Innovation Camp?
• Does your idea address an existing social challenge?
Kosovo Innovation Camp is based on the successful Social Innovation Camp model and aims to encourage young people to use Web 2.0 platforms to make important social changes in new and powerful ways.

Before submitting your idea, we ask you to think about the following: Does your idea involve using technology in a new way that helps people to make the positive changes that they would like to see in their community? Does it recognize that social media networks and platforms can serve as powerful tools to ensure that a single action or project becomes much larger than simply the ‘sum of its parts’? Does it aim to flip the traditional institutional approach to social and political problem-solving by increasing the power of ‘ordinary’ youth to directly address these issues themselves, without waiting for someone else to take the lead?

• Does your idea involve technology in some way?
Your idea must involve web and/or mobile technologies in some way. While we are looking for projects that use technology in an innovative way, it is very important that each idea is user-friendly (i.e. something that almost anyone can use). We are not interested in supporting ideas that are just ‘cool’ but in creating tools that are cheap, effective and easy to use.

• Is your idea sustainable?
Have you thought about how your idea can continue after the Kosovo Innovation Camp has finished? What are the steps needed to keep your project running over the long-term? Can it be scaled-up or replicated? From our side, these are definitely all things that we will consider in making our selection and we think you should too J

3. Who can submit an idea?
Anyone between the ages of 16-29 with a Kosovo ID can apply. We welcome submissions from high-school and university students, youth-led/ focused NGOs, the private sector, software developers, designers, (aspiring and established) entrepreneurs, artists, activists, community leaders, peer educators, technology enthusiasts, media and anyone who is passionate about making a positive social impact on their society. Ideas can be submitted by a single person or a group – we look forward to hearing from YOU!

4. Which regions are eligible?
As this is our first-ever event, we want to give opportunities to young people living throughout Kosovo. In future, we hope to support a similar event – inviting participants from all over the Balkans.

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About Kosovo Innovation Camp

Kosovo Innovation Camp takes a set of ideas for web-based tools that will create social change and develops them over one weekend. Working with a diverse range of people (developers, designers, brand experts and people who understand social problems), participants organise themselves into teams and help make a back-of-the-envelop idea into a working prototype – complete with working software – in just two days.

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