Interview with Aaron Basett

Aaron is an autodidact, a web-developer, an entrepreneur and a huge geek! He has been in the web industry for the last 12 years, starting off as a Junior Developer and working his way up to Managing Director, before he eventually founded is own agency.
He is very passionate about the web, programming and technology as a whole. He attempts to give back to the community by spreading this passion. He is a frequent speaker at local tech meet-ups and barcamps, as well as spending a lot of time at various hacker weekends, both as a developer and as a coach.

This time, we grab him quickly from the  the first-ever Kosovo Innovation Camp where he was mentoring young people, to ask him a few questions about his experience.

Why did you want to participate in this event?

AB: I have been very fortunate to attend many events such as SI Camp in the UK. These events have helped me grow as a developer, helped me to establish a greater understanding for the wider community and foster relationships and friendships that I still find very valuable to this day. When I was asked to be a mentor for the Kosovo Camp, I was thrilled to be able to offer the same benefits I have received to the youth of Kosovo.

Did you have any expectations or reservations coming into this camp?

AB: After finding out that this would be the most youthful SI Camp, I anticipated issues with the participants’ technical skills and knowledge, however, throughout today I have been consistently impressed and inspired by the enthusiasm and energy shown by all teams, this has more than made up for any lack of experience and – already by the close of the first day of development – the progress that each team has made puts many more experienced teams I’ve worked with to shame.

Do you have words of encouragement or advice for youth who participated in this camp or those who may be interested in the potential offered by Web 2.0 technologies?

AB: The teams in Kosovo in a uniquely fortunate position of having the Innovations Lab available to support them after the event. I would advise all teams to exploit this wonderful resource as much as possible.
(for the others) Computing power is increasing at an exponential rate. We now carry devices in our pockets which are more powerful than the computers which landed a man on the moon. This increased access to technology makes it easier than ever for anyone with an interest in technology or programming to develop their skills in their free time. Fantastic online resources such as Code Academy enable even the most techno-phobic people to become fluent geeks in no time!

Follow him on Twitter @aaronbassett

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About Kosovo Innovation Camp

Kosovo Innovation Camp takes a set of ideas for web-based tools that will create social change and develops them over one weekend. Working with a diverse range of people (developers, designers, brand experts and people who understand social problems), participants organise themselves into teams and help make a back-of-the-envelop idea into a working prototype – complete with working software – in just two days.

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