1. “Harrnoje” – which means “tailor” in the Albanian language, is the winner of the first-ever Kosovo Innovation Camp. Harrnoje is an open-source platform for reporting infrastructure problems in Kosovo, such as: dangerous potholes in streets, lack of traffic lights and/or signals, illegal buildings in urban areas, lack of lighting in public spaces etc. The goal of the project is to highlight and visualize those problems, and call-to-action the responsible municipal and central-level institutions.
Resources: “Harrnoje” Facebook page
                     “Harrnoje” Twitter account
                    “Harrnoje” website (coming up soon!)

2. “” – aims to connect professionals and hobbyists with service seekers through an online freelancing platform. Through this platform, the team aims to introduce hourly-pay, part-time and freelancing possibilities to the Kosovan job market. Their goal is to increase employment opportunities for young people in Kosovo, and further expand the job market. won the 2nd prize in the Kosovo Innovation Camp.
Resources: Coming up soon !

3. “Bllup” – ever wondered what “bllup” means? Then contact the team and ask them yourselves! “Bllup” is a youth-led community initiative to report dirty toilets in public spaces, such as: high schools, cafe bars/pubs/restaurants, bus stations etc. throughout Kosovo. Their goal is to build a community of “bllupers” who will address the problem of dirty toilets through direct social action, institutional lobbying and awareness–raising public health activities. The “Bllup” team won the 3rd prize in the Kosovo Innovation camp.
Resources: “Bllup” Facebook Page
                     “Bllup” Twitter account
                     “Bllup” Video
                     “Bllup” website (coming up soon!)

4. “Dost Host” – aims to serve as a unique portal for students seeking rental flats during their university studies, as well as for landlords who wants to rent their flats and houses to students. Their goal is to save the time for students and create a trusted social platform linking students from throughout Kosovo with potential householders.
Resources: “Dost Host” Facebook page
                     “Dost Host” Twitter account
                     “Dost Host” website (coming up soon!)

5. “In Kosova” – a lot of tourists might hear of the youngest region in Europe and would like to plan a trip in Kosovo. But, finding proper information and planning your trip would be far easier with “In Kosovo” – who aim to build an online travel community and organize tourist`s travel in Kosovo. In this portal you can find everything from airport pick-ups, to travel buddies, explore local communities and learn more about Kosovo`s touristic places, tradition and culture.
Resources: “in Kosova” Facebook page
“in Kosova” Twitter account
“in Kosova” Video
“in Kosova” website (coming up soon!)

6. “Datamiks” – finding reliable and current data in Kosovo is a general problem. “Datamiks” aims to develop and design a centralized, user-friendly online platform to make the process of finding micro and macro economic data much easier. Going beyond just finding the data, they are designing various data visualization tools to allow people to gain a better understanding of different data.
Resources: Coming up soon!


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