What is Social Innovation Camp?

Social Innovation Camp brings together software developers and designers with people who understand a social problem to help build web and mobile solutions to social challenges with the capacity to become sustainable enterprises.

What is Social Innovation Camp not?

Social Innovation Camp is not a TEDx, Barcamp, a Hack Day, an unconference, or a day filled with presentations!

Social Innovation camp is much more than a weekend! It requires several months of preparations to find the best developers, designers, brand experts and pair them with creative young people who understand social problems, in order to help them understand and articulate their problems in a meaningful way and come up with workable ideas to address those problems.

What is Kosovo Innovation Camp?

Kosovo Innovation Camp draws on the global experiences of Social Innovation Camp to create an event tailored for the local population and context. This first-ever Pristina event is one of the activities under the Innovation Lab Kosovo’s newly-launched ‘third pillar’ – the Youth Advocacy Platform (YAP!) –  in partnership with Social Innovation Camp experts, and involves local and international software developers, designers and issue experts, along with young people who have first-hand knowledge of Kosovo`s social challenges.

Who can participate?

Everyone who has Kosovar citizenship can participate! You just need to have an innovative idea which could bring positive social change  by building technology-based (web and mobile) solutions.

How can I participate?

Once the “Call for Ideas” is open you can submit your idea at yap@kosovoinnovations.org before the advertised deadline. Afterwards, you will be contacted by the selection panel with further details.

What are benefits?

The top three teams will be sponsored for a 6 month period following the camp to further develop their prototype product. But, note down that we do NOT offer a financial support to selected ideas during the Kosovo Innovation Camp.

How is the role of YAP?

YAP! will host this event in close collaboration with Social Innovation Camp co-founders and other local and international experts.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by forwarding your innovative idea, which must be submitted before the deadline. You can also offer your specific skills within a given project, by participating in working teams.

Can I volunteer with Kosovo Innovation camp?

Yes, you can volunteer with us by sharing different skills that you posses. You can e-mail us at yap@kosovoinnovations.org by sending your CV and a brief note about what would you like to contribute.

How long will the last Kosovo Innovation Camp?

Kosovo Innovation Camp is 48 hour event that takes place over a single weekend. Usually, it starts on Friday (to leave time for the after party upon conclusion of the camp).

What will be the working language?

We will work in three languages: English (preferable), Albanian and Serbian.

When is going to take place this event?

Kosovo Innovation Camp is two-days event. We will officially open the Camp on May 11th 2012 (Friday night). The event will continue over the weekend and the official closing ceremony will be on May 13th 2012 (Sunday night)

Where will the Kosovo Innovation Camp take place?

Kosovo Innovation Camp will take place in the Innovations Lab in Pristina.
Address:  str.”Gazmend Zajmi” No.59, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo.

Check us out here.


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