Meet our Mentors

Dan McQuillan

Dan McQuillan is a Lecturer in Creative & Social Computing at Goldsmiths College, University of London. After a Ph.D in Experimental Particle Physics he was a community activist and then a digital campaigner for Amnesty International. He also founded Multikulti, a community-led multilingual site for asylum seekers & refugees which won a Global Ideas Bank Social Innovations Award, and SocialSource, an independent collective advocating for open source in the voluntary sector. He`s a former Director of The Open Rights Group, and a consultant for Transitions Online on ways to use digital tactics for anti-corruption and good governance in Central & Eastern Europe. In 2008 he co-founded Social Innovation Camp (
He tweets as @danmcquillan.

Fisnik Ismaili

Fisnik Ismaili is the co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy Albania and Ogilvy Kosova, responsible for all creative aspects as well as business development.
He has over thirteen years of experience, seven of which working for leading design companies in London, UK, as a Creative Lead, producing web and print creative solutions for a number of major clients, such as Cisco Systems, Apple Europe, British Airways, Barclays Bank, Mattel and Channel 4. His work appeared in major British and Scandinavian newspapers, magazines and websites.
Fisnik holds a BSc(Honours) degree in Multimedia from University of Westminster, London, UK and holds a number of major international advertising awards, including Cannes Gold Lion, Silver Clio, Silver Eurobest and Golden Drum Grand Prix.

James Porteous

James designs services, finding problems and opportunities in day to day life, and creating great, holistic experiences from them. In the past, he’s worked with clients including Nokia, O2 and Vodafone, as well as Skills Development Scotland, a public body aimed at improving the population’s range of skills, and has also mentored at Social Innovation Camp Edinburgh.
Service design is, at its heart, problem finding and problem solving. Designers use research tools to gather insight and discover opportunities, using what they learn to create new services. These services can be anything – a mobile application, a website, a new service in a shop or an entirely new business concept. The main strength of this type of design is its ability to consider the bigger picture, seeing how people, environments and digital products fit together to form a complete experience.

Aaron Basett

Aaron is an autodidact, a web-developer, an entrepreneur and a huge geek! He has been in the web industry for the last 12 years, starting off as a Junior Developer and working his way up to Managing Directo, before he eventually founded is own agency.
He is very passionate about the web, programming and technology as a whole. He attempts to give back to the community by spreading this passion. He is a frequent speaker at local tech meet-ups and barcamps, as well as spending a lot of time at various hacker weekends, both as a developer and as a coach.
Of course his favourite hacker weekend is Social Innovation Camp. He has been participating since it first came to Scotland in 2009 and every-time he attends he`s blown away by what the teams accomplish in so little time. At the last Scottish Social Innovation Camp, his team ended up building an iOS/Android app called Bubble in a little over 16 hours. This is from our demo
“I`m very excited to be working with the teams in Kosovo. And I just know it is going to be a fantastic weekend with some brilliant projects!” – Aaron says.

James Baster

James is a professional software developer. He has worked at a number of similar hack-events, where projects included working on a website for groups of people to organize care for elderly people, a website for dating or finding new friends at festivals, games based on the contents of festival programmes, and a tool for recording and playing back tweets. ‘When you have people from different backgrounds working together, I’m always amazed at the energy and ideas that result!’ says James. “I’ve started many random things in my time, and I’m always keen to encourage people to just try something and see what happens. Even if it’s not a complete success, you usually learn something interesting and who knows where it may lead’

Chelsey Lepage

Chelsey currently works as a UNICEF consultant, coordinating the activities of the newest component of the Innovations Lab Kosovo – the Youth Advocacy Platform. Prior to her work in Kosovo, she completed graduate studies in Peace and Conflict and has an advocacy background that includes independent human rights observation in the Horn of Africa, work with the Center for International Media Ethics and a variety of grassroots NGOs. Her experiences in Ethiopia marked her entry into political and community activism, and sparked her enthusiasm for digital technologies that allow people to better coordinate and amplify their advocacy efforts.
She is most excited by social projects, forums and technologies that seek to connect disciplines, people, and ideas that may – at first glance – seem to have nothing in common, and can’t wait to see the ideas that emerge from the first Kosovo Innovation Camp!
Chelsey currently doesn’t tweet, but intends to start soon (…really).

Arbnor Hasani
Arbnor is currently involved with the Innovations Lab in Kosovo as the Design Center Officer. He manages a team of several students and software developers and is in charge of researching open source technology solutions for various institutional bottlenecks in Kosovo. He finished his masters degree in computer science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. His interests vary across different fields related to Internet and Web Technologies. He is also a published co-author of a paper on privacy in social networks in an international ACM Conference. Arbnor’s second major in his studies is economics and he always tries to put technology in real life perspective and particularly enjoys the challenges of using technology, maths and software design patterns for gaining efficiency, modeling social problems and deriving information.

Ron Salaj

Ron is currently involved in the Innovations Lab Kosovo as a Social Media consultant within the newly launched Youth Advocacy Platform. Prior to this position, he was Coordinator of the By Youth for Youth pillar of the Lab, channelling his enthusiasm for working with young people through mentorship of dozens of successful youth-led projects.
With a background in environmentalism, Ron is passionate about social media, civic journalism, digital activism and human rights. Since 2004 he has been working with several non-profits in Kosovo, and was selected in 2011 to represent Kosovo in the Youth Peace Ambassador program of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg/Budapest.
He tweets as @ronsalaj.


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